Tuesday, November 24, 2015

back in business

I should not be doing this right now.

But I will be quick.  :)  Last week while Patrick was gone our kitchen sink clogged and our computer crashed!  He came home Friday night in the middle of a snowstorm to a house falling apart.  :)  Thankfully he got the sink fixed on Saturday and got me set up with a new computer yesterday.  He salvaged all of our photos and stuff from the old one.  Thank God!

So, I just wanted to say hi.  I have 1,000,000 errands to run today and it's early release.  Yay!

Here is a picture from Cranberry fest in September.  These are my friends that I met when we lived in Eau Claire, 20 years ago.  I love them, we had such a fun day.  I almost botched my friendship with Melissa (to my right when looking at screen) after my miscarriage that I had before James.  It was my first pregnancy and I got so depressed and didn't know how to express how big it felt to me.  I don't remember all of the details but I think I got mad and then said a bunch of shitty things???  Ugh.  I am sorry, Melissa.  Thankfully we got past that.  xoxoxo
And, randomly, here are 4 of the cousins at Grandma's house:


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Lion's Den Gorge, Milwaukee

Good morning!  I found a lot of photos from last summer that I never shared here.  I want to keep them from getting lost in the abyss that is my unorganized computer so I am going to post them here.

I think it was in August that Patrick had to go to Milwaukee for a night for work.  I took the kids down and we hung out for the day, had dinner with Patrick and spent the night at the hotel, and then spent the next day visiting a couple other places.  (still need to track those photos down.)  These are from that first day when we visited a new to us place I found called Lion's Den Gorge.

There are lots of hiking trails, huge (terrifying) bluffs, a swampy area, and a big wooden staircase down to the lake.  I loved this place.  What a beautiful day.

 I made them lay down to look over the edge...it was a sheer drop down.  :) 


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

no calorie left behind

Oh my gosh.  Don't even ask me what time I woke up!!!  It might be due to the two boys in my bed, neither of which is my husband.  sigh.  James has an ingrown toenail that is hurting him and who knows why Nick came in but man, long night.  I never napped yesterday, either.  Just went to bed at 9:30.  It was a super busy but good day.  I did get the Halo Lemon Cake ice cream and tried a bite but wasn't in the mood for ice cream so didn't properly chow down.  It is really good but definitely feels different in your mouth...kind of like cold lemon air?  :)  Today I have the whole day at home so I am TOTALLY going to nap.  I promise myself!

Instead of the ice cream I ate 2 servings of this:
It is good!  I love kettle corn and sugar cookies so it was a no brainer.  I do like the peppermint stuff better, though.  I have to hold off on that for a while.  :)  (I searched recipes last night to make my own.  Yay!!)

So I think I said I joined a fall challenge group again?  It is a good way to keep me accountable with the weekend challenges and stuff that they post for us.  I really didn't want to gain weight over the holidays and since it was helpful last year, I signed up again.  The weekend before last our challenge was to have a "no cheat weekend".  We each decided what that meant for us and then tried to do it.  For me it meant not going over my calories at all.  On the weekend.  Quelle horreur.  (Don't forget, I've been to Paris, bitchezzzz!I did it, yay!  But then I ate like a pig on Monday & Tuesday and felt awful and bloated and like a failure that was going to gain all my weight back and never wear my cute clothes again.  (Okay, a bit dramatic, but sometimes life is I am like that.)  I decided that I would make it my personal goal to not go over my calories until Thanksgiving day.  And it's going well so far! (I do eat more on the days when I exercise, aka, eat some of my "exercise calories" back.  This is a huge debate on my fitness pal!) (I would die if I didn't so no debate here!)

This week I am even down a pound and a half which is always a surprise for me.  I am pretty good at maintaining but losing is so slow for me.  I can go a couple months bouncing around the same weight and then all of a sudden lose a pound or two.  Then I hang out there for ever, and repeat.  But that's okay.  I am NOT gaining so I am happy.  It is also fun/bewildering to see a weight on the scale that I have never seen before.  huh.  So that's how that feels.

Just to add:  I try not to be a slave to the scale because I know it is not a super good representation of what goes on in our bodies.  If I am up 3lbs one day, it can bum me out if I let it.  If I take a few days off (i.e. eat all the things) then I normally don't weigh myself until I have been back on track for a few days.  

My plan right now is to stay in calorie range until Thanksgiving weekend.  Take the weekend off (with exercise...doing a 5k, etc.) and then start again that Monday.  Who knows what December will bring but at least I will be going into it feeling good.  Then, BRING ON THE COOKIES.

I would like to wrap up this long, mostly pointless post with this, that I love:

 I am not quite in the "normal" range but do feel like I'm getting closer.

OH YEAH.  My last exercise related tidbit.  Last week I went for an hour long walk with my friend.  We walk at a pretty good pace and my heart rate monitor said I burned 250 calories and my average heart rate was 110.  Decent burn/enjoyable conversation...it's all good.  I went to the dig after and decided to leave the monitor on as I have ALWAYS wondered how many calories I burn sifting through pounds of clothing.  Turns out it's a LOT.  

FORGET WALKING.  FORGET THE GYM.  I am now joining "Club Dig."  I burned about 350 calories an hour and my average heart rate was 117.  I was there over 3 hours that day (That was long for me but it was ALL new stuff. could. not. leave.) and burned over 1100 calories.  CRAZY.

It kind of blew my mind.  I can work/enjoy myself/work out/shop for my family ALL AT ONCE???  Life changer.

Also, I totally had pizza that night.


Monday, November 16, 2015

monday funday

Good Morning, dear ones.  It's Monday!  Holla!

Okay, not really but I have been up for hours and am ready to get this early release day party started!  Patrick had to leave at 5am so my body thought it was a good idea to wake up at 3:30?  Ugh.  This happens to me sometimes, but not as much as it was, Thank God.  I have already had my coffee and read some of my favorite blogs that still post things.  (ahem.)  I have no ebay items ready to list so here I am with 30 minutes before I have to wake those children of mine.

I am so excited to take a nap later!

In the spirit of lemonade from lemons, here are a list of things that I see as positives when he is gone:

1.  Who cares what we eat for dinner?  As long as it's moderately healthy, it goes.  I don't have a hungry husband coming home that I want to feed.
2.  No end of the day clean up time.  We normally tidy the house moments before he walks in the door.  Now this task can wait a bit longer because, who cares??  (but I do like it done...don't like waking up to a mess.)
3.  I only have to make hot chocolate for one at bedtime.  :)
4. Less laundry.

I never look forward to him being gone but no longer dread it, either, like when they were little.  I tell that to myself and mostly believe it BUT I do usually have the strange urge to eat lots of ice cream.  Something tells me him being gone might affect me more than I let on?  :)  To combat this I am going out today to buy my first pint (s) of Halo Top ice cream.  This stuff is supposedly really good and really low in calories...like 240 for the WHOLE PINT.  What?????

Thank you for the comments on my last post!  I know my current blog design is strange but I had wanted to showcase my photos and just haven't switched it back yet.  eta:  I changed things back to the Simple layout but changed column widths.  I hope this works better!

I recently discovered a cute little trail in the woods right here in our town.  It veers off from a path I often walk/run/bike on but we had never explored it until I did with a friend a few weeks ago.  I love it!  We dragged the children there last weekend.

Since today is early release I am tempted to take them on another hike.  HAHAHAHAHA.  I'm not going, to, though because 3:30 wakeup.  Instead I am hoping for a rainy afternoon so I can snooze while they are all safely in our house.

I think I will do an ebay post/update soon and maybe another on some exercise/weight loss stuff.  Nothing earth shattering, just me, going on about myself.


Thursday, November 05, 2015

good coping skills, Nick

Yesterday the kids had early release so I brought (dragged) them to Picnic Point for a hike.  After the initial complaining we ended up have a really nice time.  It was gorgeous out...74?!?!?!?!?!

At one point we stopped and got a little fire going.  I had brought marshmallows to roast but not the other items for s'mores.  Nick was disappointed.  He laid himself across my lap to regroup and a few minutes later he whispered one of his secrets to me.  He said that sometimes, when he isn't getting what he wants, he just pretends in his mind that he is actually having it.  So, we weren't having s'mores but he was imagining that we were and that made him feel better.  :) 

Oh my gosh, I loved that.  He said it was one of his secret things but now I knew, too.  (and now all 3 of you, dear ones.)

I so love that he has figured out a little way to make himself feel better sometimes.  I love that he told me.

On this same subject, kind of: Ruby wrote on a report at school that one of her favorite things is hiking with her family.   So even though they complain and drive me to question myself, IT IS WORKING.  So, BOOM.  (my kids all say that, do yours???)  They will continue to be dragged on hikes.  Probably forever.  :)

So, how are you guys?  I am good.  Things are good here.  We had Halloween and stuff and that was fun.  We also celebrated my mom's birthday, heard that my brother and his wife are doing so good and my sister got a new job!  Yay! 

Pics soon, I hope!!  xoxoxo

p.s.  A couple of weeks ago Ruby spent hours going through my blog.  She LOVES it.  I can't let it stop now.  I hope it's not too late.  xo

Saturday, October 03, 2015

ultra rare Saturday post

or, um, ultra rare post in general?

Good morning!  I am sitting here with my favorite Halloween mug full of pumpkin spice coffee full of pumpkin spice creamer.  :)  Ahhhhhh, October.

That makes me want to look through my blog at old October posts.  I've always loved October.  Actually, I started this blog in October, NINE years ago.  I must at least blog occasionally until next year, the big ten.  Note to self.

So, how the heck are you?  Thank you, Teresa, for your comment on my last post.  I will forever be grateful to you for sharing your love of Door County with me.  :)  I have been missing it lately.  Patrick is off this week and we are going to have a morning fire one day, just like when we were camping.

Life has kind of sucked lately.  Just typing that makes me want to list all the good things, too, because they are still there, but it's just been hard.  I struggle with writing here when times are tough.  I always want to be honest but also some things must be kept private so it seems misleading to write about just the good stuff?  I suppose I can just say that.  I am struggling with some things lately but feel okay about that.  I think it is the time for me to be struggling with them.  All of my kids are in school now so let's bring the deep, emotional scars out to play with. HAHAHAHAHA.  snort.

These song lyrics from the Newsboys keep running through my head,
"There may be pain in the night
But joy comes in the morning
And when the oceans rage
I don't have to be afraid
Because I know that You love me
Your love never fails"

So now that I said all of that I can feel comfortable telling you about the good stuff, too.

I joined another fall exercise challenge and when I looked at my little tracking notebook I saw that I weigh 10 pounds less than I did last November 1.  That was fun to see.  I also ran twice this week after only running once in all of September.  I have been biking and walking a lot but avoiding the run, so it felt good to just do it.  My friend suggested 1:1 run/walk intervals and it felt good.  Okay, it sucked.  But good, too, you know?

Ebay is going well.  I am trying to find work/life balance.  hahaha, of course I am.  Aren't we all??  I might give myself one day off a week so it doesn't feel like I am all ebay, all the time, you know?  Even if I don't spend the whole day on it, if I am doing it every day it feels like a lot.  I knew these first weeks would be just for figuring it out.  By the time I have a good routine, it will be summer again.  :)

I love having my kids in school.  LOVE.  The quiet is the best.  Knowing I can do whatever I need to do, by myself, is just so nice.  I appreciate it so much.  I was worried about getting all 3 of them out the door in the morning but it has been going SO WELL.  We have had one really bad morning and about 20 good ones so I am rejoicing.  James & Ruby are each a year older, so that much more responsible for themselves, and Nick surprised me by just doing what he is supposed to, no biggie.  CRAZY.  Love that.

Today we are planning on a hike and I want to clean out my (all of ours, really) summer clothes.  I don't remember liking my fall/winter clothes as much so it might be kind of a drag.  :)  Maybe I will surprise myself with some cute stuff I tucked away over the summer??  One can hope. 

I will end this post with some more pictures from, where else?, Door County.  This was from our first time there when my sister and her family and our mom came.  We spent one afternoon at the little beach in Ephraim (I believe) and the kids had SO much fun wrestling for the longest time.  (James was reading in the van.  tween.  haha!) 


Friday, September 18, 2015

door county, take 2

We returned on Monday evening from our second stay in Door County.  We could not have had nicer weather (after the first rainy evening)...chilly & sunny and then pretty warm & sunny.  Seeing that beautiful blue water in the sunlight is my favorite. (insert heart emoticon) (why no emoticons on blogger?)

We stayed at the Wagon Trail Campground and it was amazing!  (fyi: over use of superlatives to follow) 

On the way up I told the kids that I had forgotten our cots.  OH NO!  We would have to sleep in our tent on the ground, in the rain.  They were so bummed and wondered how I could have done that?  When we got to the campground we surprised them by pulling into our Yurt spot!  Yay!  Best parents ever!  :)  The yurt was really fun and pretty spacious.  We also loved the mini heater because the nights were quite chilly. (photo from their website)  Also the outlets because, Keurig. (The hot cocoa K cups were my other awesome mom moment.)

My favorite things:  the water, the stars, the morning & evening fires, the sunsets, the donuts, wearing hoodies & hats, the rocks, the stars.  (okay, the sky is SO AMAZING.  Being away from city lights is THE BEST.  The big dipper is SO BIG.)

Now I will shut up and give you a bunch of pictures.

These were taken at Cave Point.  From the parking lot, we hiked to the right instead of the left.  It is a bumpy (roots everywhere) dangerous (along the cliffs next to the lake) hike that we loved.  The water was wild due to the wind so we were extra careful with Nick.  On a calm day it wouldn't be quite as scary because the water is pretty shallow in a lot of places so you would probably feel like you could get to your child easily if they toppled in.  

 Now a few from a sunset in Sister Bay.  I was going to go alone but then the kids all jumped into the van 1-2-3 so we went together.  :)

 Now a few from Door Bluff Headlands Park.  This is a natural park.  There are no trails maintained, just a few commonly used paths.  Otherwise you are on your own.  We have only gone straight down an incredibly steep hill to the lake and then hiked along the shore...no getting lost that way.
 The above pictures show the rocks and the cedar trees that live on them with so little dirt to root in.  It's crazy.
 Ruby's little display:
 These are out of order.  We visited Pebble Beach for the first time and it was so pretty.  I read the description of the smooth rocks there and thought, "so??" but they really are SO smooth.  It's strange and very cool.  So, Pebble Beach, I apologize.  That is Patrick in the water.  He said it wasn't that bad.  :)
 Nick only stayed in for a minute.  Look at that clear water!!  Oh, there were lots of fat black spiders under these rocks.  creepy.
 Back to Door Bluff:

 I was enthralled with these trees sprouting up in the water.  (not really...the water is just high this year.)  I will spare you the other dozen pics I took of them.  haha.
 James' walking stick:

Okay, gots to get to work.  xoxo


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